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Feeding Our Neighbors

We serve a hot breakfast and a cold lunch to those experiencing homelessness or living with food insecurity in our community four days a week. Monday through Thursday 9:00am - 10:00am.

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Fundraising to Support Your Neighbor

We love what we do. Ā But it costs money to make it work. Ā We want as many people as possible be involved in this ministry. Ā 

By participating in thisĀ fundraiser you willĀ helps us to continue to Feed Our Neighbors.Ā 

You will beĀ making a difference for those neighbors in our community who experience Ā homelessness or live with food insecurity.

Participate in the Soup Fundraiser by Clicking Here

“We are blessed to have such amazing support from our community.  Thank you for helping us feed our neighbors.  Your support is pivotal to the success of our mission to feed the hungry with dignity, no questions asked.”

Ellie McGarry

Our Mission...

The mission of Companions in Wholeness is to share meals, provide a safe space, assistance and accompaniment  for people who are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity or who are living in poverty  

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